Join us for the only festival of classic movies, re-made by amateurs who replace A-list stars and CGI with whatever is laying around their houses and a ton of creativity. It’s odd, unexpected, and a whole lot of fun.

There are just a few rules to a Sweded film. Keep it cheap, short, and out of control, but make it awesome.

Filmmakers can register now and submit their films by Dec. 31. Our panel of judges will choose winners for our cash prizes, and we’ll compile the best of the best Sweded submissions to be included in a feature-length compilation film.







State City Cinema Ticket Link Country
PA Pittsburgh Row House Cinema United States
PA Bryn Mawr Bryn Mawr Film Institute United States
WA Mount Vernon Lincoln Theatre United States
MN Minneapolis Riverview Theater United States
CA San Francisco Roxie Theater United States


It is! We hear they have great meatballs.

But Sweded films have nothing to do with Sweden the country, and everything to do with Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind — a 2008 film in which video store employees (Jack Black and Mos Def) ruin an entire store worth of videos and cover their mistake by hilariously remaking films themselves.

We turned the concept into a film festival and 2020 will be its fourth year running.

Cool! We can’t wait to watch it.
The first thing you’ll need to do is to register.
Then choose your film, check out our VERY IMPORTANT rules, and get filming.
Submit your film by Nov. 22, and you could win cash prizes.

  • When filming, hold your phone sideways. Seriously guys! We can’t really use it otherwise.
  • Make sure your film is 3- 5 minutes
  • Keep it PG-13
  • You cannot play original soundtracks (it’s a copyright violation). HOWEVER, you can hum it, sing it, or play it on a kazoo.
  • Swede a well- known movie, but remember that we’ll only choose one of each title. So you’ll want something well-known, but somewhat original.
  • Tech specs are as follow:
    • flat format – 1998 x1080 (note… not 1920×1080)
    • frame rate – 24 fps or 30 fps (note… not 23.98 fps)
    • audio can be up to 5.1 surround
    • acceptable formats include mp4, mov, m4v only

Make an awesome film! We’re compiling an expert panel of judges to watch all the submitted films and choose which ones will be in the film and which ones will win first, second, and third prize… aka CASH.

Ya buddy! Registration fees go back to our prize pool.

A feature-length film with the selected Swedes will premiere in early 2021. You can watch it at home through virtual cinema or in select theaters.

If you are a theater and would like to participate, please email us here

If you would like your favorite, local, independent, amazing theater to participate, please email us here



Are you a reporter? Do you want to talk to us about Sweded? Awesome!

Please email us here and check out our Press Kit.